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Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off Information

The safety and success of our Foothill Oak Elementary School students is our first priority.  We have found that we need to clarify some of our procedures and have several pieces of information to review with you, below.  We depend on your support and cooperation to follow through on these items and we are available for clarification as needed.

Attendance is essential to academic success and students need to be at school on time every day unless they have an excusable absence.  We continue to have as many as 30 students arriving after the final tardy bell each day which interrupts instruction for those students as well as their classmates and teachers.   We open campus at 7:10 each morning to allow students to come in,  have breakfast and play before class begins.  This transition time is very important for young children so we encourage you to get them here early to have this extra time with their friends.   The warning bell is a 7:40 and students are to be in line with their class at the second bell which rings at 7:45 each day.


During the school day, parents occasionally need to pick up their children early for medical appointments or other urgent matters. All adults picking up students must show government-issued identification and they must be listed on the emergency card.  At any time, you can come into the office to add or change names to your emergency pick up list and we encourage you to include anyone that might pick up your child to help you out in any unforeseen situation.  We understand that this may feel like a new procedure for some of you, but it is our Board Policy to check identification and verify eligibility before allowing students to leave our care.  This procedure helps us to protect your children and keep them safe while on campus.


    At the end of the school day, we allow a reasonable window of time after the bell for all students to be picked up.

  • On Mondays, school ends at 12:36, and all students need to be picked up by 12:50.

  • On Tuesday-Fridays, school ends at 2:03 and all students need to be picked up by 2:20.

We have after-school program options for parents who are unable to be here to pick students up including our ASES-AM/PM program.  The AM/PM program offers low-cost short term and periodic childcare for families that have varied schedules and occasional schedule conflicts.  All adults picking up students late after school must show government-issued identification and they must be listed on the emergency card.