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Before and After School Programs

Foothill Oak offers a comprehensive after school program that focuses on providing academic support to students. We have two programs that we are very proud to offer. After school programs are for ...more

Sexual Harassment and Bullying Policies

Foothill Oak strictly upholds district policies and regulations to assure that all programs and activities are free from discrimination, including harassment and to ensure that all students have ...more

School Information for Parents

Transportation and Parking


Once the school grounds are reached by the student, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and skates may not be used on campus at any time. All students are ...more

Visitors and Volunteers


We encourage parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom. Please check with your child’s teacher to schedule your volunteer time. All classrooms are encouraged to invite in ...more

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is a priority at Foothill Oak Elementary. Our Community Liaison works closely with parents and administration to identify needs and interests and to create involvement and ...more

Home-School Communication

Communication between school and home is essential to effective collaboration. Parents can communicate with the school in person, via telephone and/or email and we will do our best to respond ...more

Health and Wellness


Board Policy No. 5030: Student Wellness

For a complete report/document please visit the district website at www.vistausd.org .

Board Policy prohibits non-nutritional food items for ...more

Student Support

The school will:

  • Provide Special Education Classes when a child qualifies for services, the Resource Specialist Program, speech and language services, counseling and nursing services, Strategic ...more

Consequences and Progressive Discipline

All of Foothill Oak School rules are based on guidelines that reflect safety, respect and responsibility. When students make choices that are against school rules and expectations, they will face ...more