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School Licenses for Curriculum

Defined STEM: We have access to this resource through 2017!   Our "CURRICULUM UNIT SUGGESTIONS" allows teachers to see Performance and Literacy Tasks aligned to specific units of study for Math and Science.  This will narrow down the search that teachers will need to do when looking for content.   


Mystery Science: This web resource has lesson plans, videos, discussion prompts and more!  Tamara heard about this in her science PD and we were able to get a school-wide license.


Tigtag: www.tigtagcarolina.com &/or: http://junior.tigtagcarolina.com/ Tigtag is an award-winning online science resource that presents concepts using the preferred format of today’s digital natives. It instantly adds relevance and excitement through purpose-built 2-3 minute videos, games, and real-world imagery that help students grasp difficult concepts through visual experiences otherwise impossible in traditional classrooms. It also provides topic/content support, lesson plans, quizzes, review materials and suggested activities


Discovery Education Please log on  using your district Google Account.

STEAM Resources for Staff



Supplemental Resources for STEM, Language Development & 4 C’s (available in STEAM Lab)

Lego Education


  • WeDo 2.0 (24 student + 8 student pack)

Curriculum Guide


Rokenbok Education: Mobile STEM Labs

NGSS Resources

Science Leveled Readers

Each grade level has submitted their orders for leveled readers aligned to their NGSS topics!

Science Notebooks!

Teachers received science notebooks for each student!