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Mission Vision and Values

Empowering Learners and Leaders

Vision Foothill Oak empowers learners to cultivate the knowledge, mindsets, habits and skills to become highly effective leaders.
Mission Foothill Oak Elementary is an inclusive community which empowers each student to lead their own learning.  Families, staff, students and community: • value and nurture the unique strengths and talents of each individual; cultivate the habits of independence and interdependence; set, monitor and celebrate continuous growth in a personalized learning environment; and develop the mindset, knowledge, skills and strategies to become highly effective learners and leaders

Core Values

 Diversity and Inclusion Each of us has genius. We develop our individual strengths, interests and values. 
We celebrate what makes each of us unique. Differences in culture, language, social class, gender, physical abilities and learning needs add value to our school culture.
Equity and Access Each of us are leaders. We develop leadership mindsets and habits. 
Each of us are capable of continuous growth and learning when provided differentiated support and resources. Everyone gets what they need to be successful.
Barriers are removed, including access to technology, enrichment, and essential resources for health and wellness.
Independence and Empowerment Each of us are change-agents. Everyone is empowered to make a difference.  We seek to find our own voice and inspire others find theirs. 
We develop the habits of independence: to be proactive, begin with the end in mind and put first things first. 
Interdependence Together, we are more.  Success relies on our ability to work together to create a culture in which we choose to think win-win, seek first to understand, then to be understood, and to synergize. 
Families, staff, students and community members combine efforts to achieve mutual success.