We believe that students need many opportunities to develop leadership skills for their future. We provide

several ways for them to learn the importance and satisfaction of providing service to others.


Fifth grade students who demonstrate good leadership qualities are selected as members of Safety Patrol. Their role is to assist children in crossing streets to and from school and to enforce the school safety standards. Students in fourth grade are recommended and selected to train as safety patrol members for the following school year. Training is held at the end of their fourth grade year. They begin their actual duties as fifth graders. Safety patrol members are very responsible children who adhere to a written standard of conduct.


We are very proud of our Peer Mediator program. This is a group of students in grades 3---5 who are recommended by their teachers. Candidates complete a written and oral interview prior to being selected. Once selected, they attend a mediation training program. When they have successfully completed the training, students are scheduled to work approximately three days a month during lunch recess. Their role is to resolve non--violent student conflicts using techniques learned in mediation training. Students work under the close supervision of an adult Peer Mediator Coach.


Students in grade 3-5 are voted to represent their class in A.S.B. Students attend meetings to work on projects for the school, create posters for special events, visit classrooms and share what is going on around the campus.


Numerous opportunities will be offered to our students and their families to get involved in our community garden. Students will learn about growing plants that will be served in our salad bar at school. Volunteers are always needed to help keep our school beautiful.


Our school-wide plan provides a structure to support a calm and safe school environment while helping students to develop self-discipline, strong character, and accountability for all actions. At Foothill Oak, we help students become aware of how their actions can bring positive and negative consequences to themselves and others. Staff members emphasize and recognize appropriate behavior by giving verbal praise, sending positive notes to parents, etc. We know and recognize that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and this can help students learn valuable life lessons about appropriate behavior and positive decision-making.

Primary goals of the plan are to:

  • Establish calm, orderly, safe and engaging environment for learning.
  • Help students develop self-control and self-discipline to self monitor their own behavior.
  • Teach children to think and act in socially responsible ways .
  • Promote respect, kind, and positive student/teacher and student/student interactions.
  • Develop leadership skills.

Positive Behavior Systems

Classroom Rules and Positive Behavior Management Systems

Each grade level and classroom establish a positive behavior management system that aligns to the schoolwide system and goals to help students learn and develop effective self-management and monitoring behaviors. Classroom teachers will share their classroom rules and systems for acknowledging positive behaviors as well as for progressive discipline for intervening and correcting inappropriate behaviors at Back-To-School Night and on the website. Progressive discipline means that students will primarily have consequences that gradually increase from warnings to more restrictive consequences including notes/calls home and administrative interventions. The goal is for students to be aware of, learn from, and modify their behavior rather than to solely punish students when they make a mistake. Every classroom participates in our school-wide positive recognition programs that promote positive academic and social interactions:


Foothill Oak strives to recognize the hard work our students participate in every day. Here are just a few of the recognitions a Foothill oak student can earn:


Across the year, students will learn about and promote the positive attributes and behaviors we have outlined in our Roadrunners R.O.C.K. rules and expectations systems.


Each month, every classroom teacher nominates one student who exemplifies our positive character traits of kindness, courtesy, friendship, service, respect, and positive attitude. These students receive certificates at our monthly Friday Flag and eat lunch with the principal.


Students who have perfect attendance are recognized and receive certificates each month. In order to qualify for perfect attendance, a child must be in school every day for the entire instructional day. This also includes not being tardy or late for school. Students with perfect attendance for the entire year are given a special certificate at our annual awards ceremony.


Students are encouraged to read books and show their comprehension by taking quizzes on the computer through our Accelerated Reader program. They earn points based on quizzes taken from the books they read. Each month two top readers from each class are chosen to receive AR Reader Awards Certificates.


Students K-5 are chosen each month who demonstrate physical fitness through their participation in P.E. and in the running club. They earn a foot charm for every five miles they complete all year long.


We offer contests, incentives and rewards for students who reach goals on our blended learning tools including MyOn (reading), Lexia Core 5 and ST Math!


Once a month, we have a schoolwide Friday Flag assembly in which we build school spirit, share important information with students and celebrate accomplishments! Parents are welcome to attend!

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution


Students in Elementary School are learning to work and play together in a positive manner and they will have conflicts as they develop the self-management and awareness skills to do so. Our students at Foothill Oak are encouraged to settle their problems in a positive manner. Students and staff will be trained in conflict resolution through the Peace Patrol Training. Students will learn to help other students talk their problems out and resolve conflict on the playground and in the classroom. Some students will be designated as Peacemakers and wear vests that identify them as individuals that can help at recess and lunch. For school rule violations, students will be receive appropriate progressive discipline.

Restorative Justice

As part of our plan to help students address and move forward from poor decision-making, we will also be implementing a Restorative Justice Model this year. The Restorative Justice Model seeks to help students recognize and take responsibility for ineffective choices and make amends. Part of the process includes having students realize how poor decisions negatively impact themselves, the school community and their families and to determine how to 'restore' trust and respect when they have caused negative impact. Students and staff will receive training and support in Restorative Justice principles and processes.

At Foothill Oak, we help students become aware of how their actions can bring positive and negative consequences to themselves and others. Staff members emphasize and recognize appropriate behavior by giving verbal praise, sending positive notes to parents, and more. We know and recognize that everyone makes mistakes from time to time and this can help students learn a valuable life lesson about appropriate behavior.


Students at Foothill Oak have an opportunity to eat breakfast and lunch everyday. Our Wave Crest Cafe offers fresh organic fruit and vegetables as well as nutritionally sound entrees.


Breakfast is FREE for ALL students every day. It is served from 7:10-7:35 AM. Children who miss breakfast before school is invited to get breakfast through our "second chance" program during their morning recess on regular school days. Students must go to "second chance" breakfast before they go play, so please remind your child to eat first if they have missed breakfast before school.


Mornings can be hectic and we know it's easy to forget to put lunch money in backpacks. However, lunch is very important and we want our children to eat a nutritious lunch. Please consider the following:

  • If you are eligible for free meals, please get your applications in on time. Return the applications to school the next day. Remember you must reapply each year. If you are waiting to hear about your eligibility, you must pay for lunches until your application has been approved.
  • Prepay & Save for school lunches. You don't have to think about money each day. Lunches can be paid online at
  • Bonus Payment Offer: Receive a 10% bonus starting at $20 payment per student. Example: $20 payment + $2 bonus = $22 into account.
  • Lunch - $2.50, Milk/or Juice - $.35
  • Bring a lunch.

Children are often excited to go play during lunch time and parents have raised concerns about children not eating or not having enough time to eat. In response to these parent concerns, all students are required to sit at the lunch tables for a period of time (see "eat" times on the bell schedule) before they are released to play. Student who are still eating will be relocated to another table with their grade level peers to finish eating while the next class comes out to eat. We encourage students to eat at least a few bites of their entree and fruit/vegetable and we will notify any parent of student if we are concerned that they are not routinely eating something during lunch. All food must be eaten in the lunch area. Students are expected to be respectful to supervisors and assist in keeping the eating area clean and pleasant by picking up their own trash.


Students are not allowed to chew or possess gum or sunflower seeds on campus at any time. Violations may be result in ecology duty. Excessive offenses may be referred to an administrator. Please do not bring chips to school that have orange/red coating such as hot Cheetos, Doritos, Takis, etc. as they lead to red/orange mess on books, furniture, clothing and more.


We are proud of our attractive campus. Trash and recyclable items should be placed in trashcans and recycling bins. Students are expected to pick up their own trash and may receive disciplinary consequences including ecology duty, on first offense. If a student does not want to complete ecology duty, parents will be contacted and a Lunch Detention may be assigned. Students may receive discipline for defiance on their second offense.


Attention parents and students! Here are the new handbooks for the 2018/2019 school year!


The 7 Habits


FHO School Rules