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School Information for Parents

For a comprehensive plan of school rules/policies and procedures, please click on the link for 

Foothill Oak Parent/Student Hanbook. this is a live document and has the most up to date informaiton. A hard copy is provided to each student at the beginning of the school year.  

Manual para padres y estudiantes  2023-24

Below are some highlights.




Once the school grounds are reached by the student, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and skates may not be used on campus at any time. All students are required by law to wear a helmet when riding to and from school. Students who do not follow these policies may lose their privilege to bring these items to school and/or have their items confiscated and parents may be required to retrieve the item from school.


We have about 80 parking spaces at Foothill Oak Elementary. Always use a parking space when you need to come onto the campus and walk -- do not leave your car in yellow or red zones at any time. ALL people MUST use sidewalks and crosswalks -- do not walk through the middle of the parking lot or across traffic!

While drivers want to get students picked up and dropped off quickly, but SAFETY is the most important thing for all of us. There is a designated lane for loading and unloading of students along the yellow curb. Please follow the directions of teachers on duty. Parents should continue to ease their vehicles forward in this lane as they pick up or drop off students. Cars are never to be left unattended in this lane! Please help your children to load properly. All adults and children must use crosswalks and cross only at crosswalks. Parking lots can be very dangerous and children should never cross the lot without a parent/guardian with them.

This year, TK, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade students will be dismissed in the South driveway. Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will be dismissed through the East driveway. Older siblings will be allowed to go wait with younger siblings, but TK-2 students are not allowed to go to the East driveway. The East driveway is shorter and more dangerous for the smaller students.




We encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom or in the community room. Please contact the school and speak with our Community Liaisons. All volunteers must complete an application, attend orientation, provide negative TB test.  More details are highlighte on our Parent /Student Handbook.


Parent involvement is a priority at Foothill Oak Elementary. Our Community Liaison works closely with parents and administration to identify needs and interests and to create involvement and learning opportunities for parents.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL :The School Site Council is an elected committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators, which serves as an advisory board to the school administration to set budget priorities. This committee meets regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans and budget for our School Improvement Program funds. Elections are held each year to choose representatives.

SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS : Vista schools are deeply committed to the use of volunteers to help teachers in the classroom, help supervise on field trips, and perform many other services for the schools. Volunteers can enrich education by sharing their special hobbies, skills, vocation, or special knowledge with students. Please contact the teacher and/or site administrator if you would like to share your unique specialty.    A volunteer is defined as an individual who, with school district authorization, voluntarily assists on a regular and ongoing basis of 20 hours or more per school year. District policy requires a volunteer to complete: a Volunteer Application, Megan's Law Background Check, have a current TB clearance, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct, and sign in and out each visit on the Guest/Volunteer Registry located in our school office. Copies of the Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Code of Conduct can be picked up in the school office.

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC ):  A committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators. They meet regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans for students who are learning the English language.


Communication between school and home is essential to effective collaboration. Parents can communicate with the school in person, via telephone and/or email and we will do our best to respond promptly. In addition to individual communications as needed, we will also use the following resources to be sure that families know what is going on at school:

  • School Messenger: This is a web-based telephone communication system that serves as another means of communication with our families. We use this system to send out event and deadline reminders as well as for emergency communications. It is imperative that you maintain a current home phone number on file with the office in order to be able to receive these automated messages.

  • Class Dojo

  • Coffee & Community : Each month, an informal coffee meeting is open for parents to meet with the principal and other school leadership. This is a time for parents to share questions and needs and for staff to report on progress related to parent questions and needs as well as to provide information about news and events.


WELLNESS POLICY Board Policy No. 5030: Student Wellness

For a complete report/document please visit the district website. Board Policy prohibits non-nutritional food items for incentives, rewards and celebrations. To donate food items please choose from the district approved list of snacks.All food items brought to classrooms must be store bought. No homemade food items


A minimum of 5 day notice with the teacher and administration  is required to plan a celebration. 

  • Parents have to be notified about the celebration with enough time to give consent for their student to participate in the event. (This gives parents an option to say no if they have strict dietary restrictions for their students)

  • Per (VUSD Wellness Policy)  compliant foods brought for the classroom party  MUST meet the following general food standards: Be a fruit, vegetable, dairy, protein or whole grain item.   



A health/attendance technician is available in case of sickness or accident during the regular school hours. District school nurses are available by appointment to discuss specific health conditions that may require special attention. Health/attendance technicians and school nurses do not diagnose illnesses. Please consult your children's physician for concerns related to their health. To review more information about our VUSD health program please go to our district School Nurse and Healthcare website.

If your child has a specific health condition, please notify the school upon enrollment and again each year when you complete the Emergency Card. Health information may be shared with any school staff that might be in contact with your student on a regular basis, for example, teachers, bus drivers, playground supervisors or coaches, office staff, or other staff as deemed necessary.


Notify the school if your student is on a continuing medication regime, even though the medicine is taken at home. This information may be important in an emergency situation. If medication is required during school hours, the guidelines (below) of the California Education Code and VUSD policy must be followed.

  • The parent/guardian's written request on the VUSD medication authorization form.

  • A physician's authorization detailing the amount of the medicine and the method and time schedules by which the medication is taken.

  • ALL medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal and vitamin preparations are included in the guidelines.

  • All medications must be from a California pharmacy. No prescriptions from out-of-state can be given by school personnel.

  • Physician and parent authorizations must be updated annually or whenever there is any change in the medication, dosage, or time schedule.

  • The medicine is to be in the original labeled container.

  • A designated adult is to bring the medication to school.

Please do not bring any medication to school until the physician's and the parent/guardian's authorizations have been completed. Parents need to pick up all medications at the end of each school year. Medications left more than one week after the school year ends will be discarded.

ROUTINE HEALTH CHECKS : Routine health checks including vision, hearing, and head lice are made periodically. You will be notified if we believe that your student is in need of medical attention.

ACCIDENTS OR EMERGENCIES : If your child has an accident or becomes ill at school, you will be contacted through the information listed on their Emergency Card. Please make sure that your child's Emergency Card is updated periodically, and that the names and phone numbers of emergency contact people are current. For the safety of students, the school will not release a student to a person who is not listed on their Emergency Card. Anyone who picks up your child will be required to show their ID to the office staff. Consider purchasing School Accident Insurance. It is inexpensive. The Vista Unified School District does not insure the students.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROCEDURES :The safety and welfare of students are primary concerns of Foothill Oak Elementary School. Our school has a disaster preparedness plan that conforms to the District's procedure for emergencies. Our program involves more than just preparing a response plan. We have an ongoing process that includes:

  • Identifying hazards at our school

  • Involving teachers, parents, and students in our plan

  • Training staff, students, and volunteers in proper response

  • Conducting emergency drills

  • Encouraging parents to teach their children how to spell their name and learn their phone number and address.

  • Assessment of supplies available for emergencies

It is important that you provide the school with complete, accurate emergency information concerning your child and that you remember to inform the school if there are changes


The school will:

  • Provide Special Education Classes when a child qualifies for services, the Resource Specialist Program, speech and language services, counseling and nursing services, Strategic Intervention (SI) meetings and Student Success Meetings, and additional assistance for students through tutorials and other after school programs.

  • Cooperate, as a means of community support, with youth groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports teams, Boys & Girls Club and the AM-PM Childcare Program, if available, on campus.

  • Provide after-school programs for homework support and skill development.



Foothill Oak offers a comprehensive after school program that focuses on providing academic support to students. We have two programs that we are very proud to offer. After school programs are for Foothill Oak students only and require parent permission to participate. Students must immediately report to after school programs. Students that leave campus may not return and will be counted absent.

Tutorial and Enrichment  :Foothill Oaks' teachers and staff provide academic support to students before and after school. Students will be identified by staff, and the parent will be contacted for permission. Times and dates will be announced.

Migrant Education Tutorial : Foothill Oak works closely with Migrant Education to provide services to students whose families qualifies for Migrant Education support. Tutorials are provided after school.

ASES : An after-school program provided for students who meet criteria established by the district. It is free of charge and provides after-school care, tutorials, homework support, academic programs, and enrichment activities for identified students from 2:18 PM - 6:00 PM. Activities are aligned to state and district core curriculum. The program is located on campus and has an attendance requirement. Students must attend 5 days a week for 3 hours per day for a minimum of 15 hours. If a student does not follow the rules of the program, he/she may be asked to forfeit his/her spot. For more information, contact the office.

AM/PM : Program is open from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM to provide childcare before and after school and during breaks. There is a fee for this program, which is based on the frequency of attendance. Financial scholarships are available for those in need. A homework time is built into the program to assist students in completing their work. The program is set up with learning centers such as: art, science, writing, reading, games, blocks, and geography, which are changed weekly. The children have a choice of inside and/or outside time and individual and/or group activities. The AM-PM program has its own office. If you would like additional information, please contact the AM-PM office.