Foothill Oak offers a comprehensive after school program that focuses on providing academic support to students. We have two programs that we are very proud to offer. After school programs are for Foothill Oak students only and require parent permission to participate. Students must immediately report to after school programs. Students that leave campus may not return and will be counted absent.

School Library

Parents can bring students in to return books before school starts at 7:30. In addition to regular classroom library times, students have opportunities to go to the library during "Open Lounge" during designated lunch breaks. After school, the library is open until 2:50 for students to read, do homework or check out books.


ASES is an after-school program provided for students who meet criteria established by the district. It is free of charge and provides after-school care, tutorials, homework support, academic programs, and enrichment activities for identified students from 2:18 PM - 6:00 PM. Activities are aligned to state and district core curriculum. The program is located on campus and has an attendance requirement. Students must attend 5 days a week for 3 hours per day for a minimum of 15 hours. If a student does not follow the rules of the program, he/she may be asked to forfeit his/her spot. For more information, contact the office.


The AM-PM program is open from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM to provide childcare before and after school and during breaks. There is a fee for this program, which is based on the frequency of attendance. Financial scholarships are available for those in need. A homework time is built into the program to assist students in completing their work. The program is set up with learning centers such as: art, science, writing, reading, games, blocks, and geography, which are changed weekly. The children have a choice of inside and/or outside time and individual and/or group activities. The AM-PM program has its own office. If you would like additional information, please contact the AM-PM office.

Tutorial and Enrichment

Foothill Oaks' teachers and staff provide academic support to students before and after school. Students will be identified by staff, and the parent will be contacted for permission. Times and dates will be announced.

Migrant Education Tutorial

Foothill Oak works closely with Migrant Education to provide services to students whose families qualifies for Migrant Education support. Tutorials are provided after school.


Foothill Oak strictly upholds district policies and regulations to assure that all programs and activities are free from discrimination, including harassment and to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to participate in all school programs and activities. Intimidation and harassment of any student , staff member or parent are prohibited and we will be immediately responsive to any conduct that may interfere with any individuals' ability to participate in or benefit from school services, activities or privileges due to intimidation, harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Any student, staff member or parent who feels that he/she is being harassed, intimidated or discriminated against should immediately contact school administration to complete an incident report. We will conduct a timely and thorough investigation into any allegations of harassment and/or bullying.


Board Policy No. 500.1

Any type of sexual harassment between students, or between staff and students, will not be tolerated. Forms of harassment include, but are not limited to verbal comments, offensive touching, visual harassment or sexual advances. Any student wishing to make a complaint should report it to the principal, teacher or any other school personnel. District policy calls for a thorough investigation and appropriate action to be taken against the harasser.


Board Policy No. 5036

Bullying means, "any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct, including communications made in writing or by means of electronic act, as defined, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, hate violence, or harassment, threat or intimidation, that has the effect or can reasonably be predicted to have the effect of placing a reasonable pupil as defined*, in fear of harm to that pupil's or those pupils' person or property, causing a reasonable pupil to experience a substantial detrimental effect on his or her physical or mental health, causing a reasonable pupil to experience substantial interference with his or her academic performance, or causing a reasonable pupil to experience substantial interference with his or her ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities or privileges provided by a school."

CYBER-BULLYING includes the transmission of harassing communications, direct threats, or other harmful texts, sounds, or images on the Internet, social media, or other technologies using a telephone, computer, or any wireless communication device. Cyber-bullying also includes breaking into another person's electronic account and assuming that person's identity in order to damage that person's reputation. Students who are engaging in cyber-bullying during school hours will face consequences, including loss of internet privileges. Students who engage in cyber-bullying outside of school will be referred to authorities.

Students are prohibited from engaging in the discrimination or harassment of another student or employees of the district. Students who engage in discrimination or harassment of other students or District employees may be subjected to disciplinary action. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and serious consequences will occur for such behavior. When we receive a report that a student is being bullied, we immediately investigate the allegation and will promptly report back findings.

Students are encouraged to notify school staff when they are being bullied or suspect that another student is being victimized. Parent resources and information regarding bullying can be found on our website. Staff and students receive training and information about bullying and bullying prevention.



Once the school grounds are reached by the student, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and skates may not be used on campus at any time. All students are required by law to wear a helmet when riding to and from school. Students who do not follow these policies may lose their privilege to bring these items to school and/or have their items confiscated and parents may be required to retrieve the item from school.


We have about 80 parking spaces at Foothill Oak Elementary. Always use a parking space when you need to come onto the campus and walk -- do not leave your car in yellow or red zones at any time. ALL people MUST use sidewalks and crosswalks -- do not walk through the middle of the parking lot or across traffic!

While drivers want to get students picked up and dropped off quickly, but SAFETY is the most important thing for all of us. There is a designated lane for loading and unloading of students along the yellow curb. Please follow the directions of teachers on duty. Parents should continue to ease their vehicles forward in this lane as they pick up or drop off students. Cars are never to be left unattended in this lane! Please help your children to load properly. All adults and children must use crosswalks and cross only at crosswalks. Parking lots can be very dangerous and children should never cross the lot without a parent/guardian with them.

This year, TK, Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade students will exit and enter in the South driveway. Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will enter and exit through the East driveway. Older siblings will be allowed to go wait with younger siblings, but TK-2 students are not allowed to go to the East driveway. The East driveway is shorter and more dangerous for the smaller students.




We encourage parents to volunteer in their child's classroom. Please check with your child's teacher to schedule your volunteer time. All classrooms are encouraged to invite in parent volunteers:

  • Pick up a volunteer packet from the office, fill out the packet and return the packet to the office with all the information requested. Vista Unified School Board Policy and State AB 1025 requirements for volunteers.
  • All volunteers (as well as school staff) are required to have a TB test.
  • All volunteers attend "FHO Volunteer Training".
  • All volunteers are cleared through the Megan's Law site.
  • When a volunteer is cleared, his/her photo will be taken by office staff, and an identification badge will be issued and placed in the office volunteer binder.


Parent involvement is a priority at Foothill Oak Elementary. Our Community Liaison works closely with parents and administration to identify needs and interests and to create involvement and learning opportunities for parents.


The Parent Teacher Association, (PTA) is a group of volunteers. The PTA's mission is to provide opportunities to create memories of their time at elementary school. The PTA coordinates fundraisers, book fairs, t- shirt sales and school events. We encourage you to attend PTA meetings. The atmosphere is informal and provides an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with the school. You, the parents, help our PTA make decisions on how to spend funds to support our students and our school.


The School Site Council is an elected committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators, which serves as an advisory board to the school administration to set budget priorities. This committee meets regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans and budget for our School Improvement Program funds. Elections are held each year to choose representatives.


Vista schools are deeply committed to the use of volunteers to help teachers in the classroom, help supervise on field trips, and perform many other services for the schools. Volunteers can enrich education by sharing their special hobbies, skills, vocation, or special knowledge with students. Please contact the teacher and/or site administrator if you would like to share your unique specialty.

A volunteer is defined as an individual who, with school district authorization, voluntarily assists on a

regular and ongoing basis of 20 hours or more per school year. District policy requires a volunteer to complete: a Volunteer Application, Megan's Law Background Check, have a current TB clearance, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct, and sign in and out each visit on the Guest/Volunteer Registry located in our school office. Copies of the Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Code of Conduct can be picked up in the school office.

ELAC - English Language Advisory Committee

ELAC is a committee made up of parents, teachers, and administrators. They meet regularly to develop, review, and recommend plans for students who are learning the English language.


Communication between school and home is essential to effective collaboration. Parents can communicate with the school in person, via telephone and/or email and we will do our best to respond promptly. In addition to individual communications as needed, we will also use the following resources to be sure that families know what is going on at school:

  • School Messenger: This is a web-based telephone communication system that serves as another means of communication with our families. We use this system to send out event and deadline reminders as well as for emergency communications. It is imperative that you maintain a current home phone number on file with the office in order to be able to receive these automated messages.

  • Foothill Oak Website: Our website includes contact information, resources and information about school events. Current school news, the school calendar, lunch menu and the school handbook can be found on our website. Please visit us at This website is updated regularly and will provide the most current information regarding our school, programs and policies.

  • Twitter: We use Social Media to share information with the community. Please follow us on Twitter:@FHOelementary

  • Classroom Newsletters & Websites: Teachers provide classroom information via a classroom newsletters and/or their website. These resources will provide specific information about curriculum, important dates and other announcements about classroom and school events.

  • Cafecito Meetings: Each month, an informal coffee meeting is open for parents to meet with the principal and other school leadership. This is a time for parents to share questions and needs and for staff to report on progress related to parent questions and needs as well as to provide information about news and events.



Board Policy No. 5030: Student Wellness

For a complete report/document please visit the district website.

Board Policy prohibits non-nutritional food items for incentives, rewards and celebrations. To donate food items please choose from the district approved list of snacks.All food items brought to classrooms must be store bought. No homemade food items


Please check with your child's teacher before planning a birthday celebration. The teacher will be able to make suggestions for approved snacks (VUSD Wellness Policy) and an appropriate time to bring snacks for your child's birthday. If you are bringing balloons for your child, please arrange to deliver them at the end of the school day.


A health/attendance technician is available in case of sickness or accident during the regular school hours. District school nurses are available by appointment to discuss specific health conditions that may require special attention. Health/attendance technicians and school nurses do not diagnose illnesses. Please consult your children's physician for concerns related to their health. To review more information about our VUSD health program please go to our district School Nurse and Healthcare website.

If your child has a specific health condition, please notify the school upon enrollment and again each year when you complete the Emergency Card. Health information may be shared with any school staff that might be in contact with your student on a regular basis, for example, teachers, bus drivers, playground supervisors or coaches, office staff, or other staff as deemed necessary.


Notify the school if your student is on a continuing medication regime, even though the medicine is taken at home. This information may be important in an emergency situation. If medication is required during school hours, the guidelines (below) of the California Education Code and VUSD policy must be followed.

  • The parent/guardian's written request on the VUSD medication authorization form.

  • A physician's authorization detailing the amount of the medicine and the method and time schedules by which the medication is taken.

  • ALL medications, including prescription, over-the-counter, herbal and vitamin preparations are included in the guidelines.

  • All medications must be from a California pharmacy. No prescriptions from out-of-state can be given by school personnel.

  • Physician and parent authorizations must be updated annually or whenever there is any change in the medication, dosage, or time schedule.

  • The medicine is to be in the original labeled container.

  • A designated adult is to bring the medication to school.

Please do not bring any medication to school until the physician's and the parent/guardian's authorizations have been completed. Parents need to pick up all medications at the end of each school year. Medications left more than one week after the school year ends will be discarded.


Routine health checks including vision, hearing, and head lice are made periodically. You will be notified if we believe that your student is in need of medical attention.


If your child has an accident or becomes ill at school, you will be contacted through the information listed on their Emergency Card. Please make sure that your child's Emergency Card is updated periodically, and that the names and phone numbers of emergency contact people are current. For the safety of students, the school will not release a student to a person who is not listed on their Emergency Card. Anyone who picks up your child will be required to show their ID to the office staff. Consider purchasing School Accident Insurance. It is inexpensive. The Vista Unified School District does not insure the students.


During the spring, all fifth grade students are scheduled for a course which includes a Family Life/Sex Education Unit. The instruction promotes abstinence and healthy decision making. The materials and curriculum adhere to the Vista Unified District Policy 6020.

Because of the sensitive nature of the curriculum, a parent or guardian signature is required for each student to participate in the Family Life/Sex Education Program. By appointment, each parent or guardian of a student in this program has the right to preview the course material.

Should it be your preference that your child does not participate in the Family Life/Sex Education unit, the District will offer an instructional alternative without penalty for the course content missed. The Board of Trustees has determined this Family Life/Sex Education Program may contain questions which require parent permission according to Education Code 60650. The specific content of the curriculum and parent permission slip will be sent home prior to instruction.

No test, questionnaire, survey, or examination containing any questions about the pupil's personal beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality and religion, or any question about his parents' or guardians' beliefs and practices in sex, family life, morality and religion, shall be administered to any pupil in kindergarten or grade 1 through 12 inclusive, unless the parent or guardian of the pupil is notified in writing that such test, questionnaire, survey or examination is to be administered and the parent or guardian of the pupil gives written permission for the pupil to take such tests, questionnaire, survey or examination.


Students who are physically fit and healthy are better prepared to learn and perform academically and our instructional program at Foothill Oak includes a solid physical education and health component. All students participate in a minimum of 200 minutes of physical education and health every 10 days, in accordances with Education Code Section 51210. Our staff receives support and resources for lesson planning to be sure that our students are fit and healthy. All students in 5th grade participate in physical fitness testing each year in the spring.


The safety and welfare of students are primary concerns of Foothill Oak Elementary School. Our school has a disaster preparedness plan that conforms to the District's procedure for emergencies. Our program involves more than just preparing a response plan. We have an ongoing process that includes:

  • Identifying hazards at our school

  • Involving teachers, parents, and students in our plan

  • Training staff, students, and volunteers in proper response

  • Conducting emergency drills

  • Encouraging parents to teach their children how to spell their name and learn their phone number and address.

  • Assessment of supplies available for emergencies

It is important that you provide the school with complete, accurate emergency information concerning your child and that you remember to inform the school if there are changes


The school will:

  • Provide Special Education Classes when a child qualifies for services, the Resource Specialist Program, speech and language services, counseling and nursing services, Strategic Intervention (SI) meetings and Student Success Meetings, and additional assistance for students through tutorials and other after school programs.

  • Cooperate, as a means of community support, with youth groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports teams, Boys & Girls Club and the AM-PM Childcare Program, if available, on campus.

  • Provide after-school programs for homework support and skill development.

PSYCHOLOGIST A school psychologist administers assessments required by IEPs and Student Success Team (SST) referrals.

COUNSELING Our counselor meets with students and families to help resolve problems and teach children and adults problem-solving strategies. If you would like to meet with our counselor, please call our school and make an appointment.

STUDENT SUCCESS TEAM (SST) Foothill Oak's Students Success Team is made up of the classroom teacher, support teacher, or admin designee, and when necessary, the school psychologist, speech therapist, resource specialist, school nurse, and counselor. Children who are having challenges in the areas of academics, attendance or behavior are referred. Working with the parents, the SST develops an action plan to support the student's school success.

SPEECH THERAPIST A speech therapist is available to work with students who qualify for help in the areas of language and speech.

RESOURCE SPECIALIST PROGRAM The Resource Specialist Program is a special education program designed for students who have a specific learning disability, are significantly behind their peers in academic competence, and require a written IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER Students and parents will be able to check out books in our library. Parents may check out 3 books at a time to support reading at home. Students will be able to check out books with their class or during designated times during breaks and after school. In order to support our vision of inspiring and cultivating technological innovation, we will encourage our students to using media center research and online tools. Students are expected to follow all school and library rules while in the library.

TITLE I These federal funds support student learning by providing additional classroom resources. These resources can include teaching/learning materials and additional staff in the classroom or before/after school.


All of Foothill Oak School rules are based on guidelines that reflect safety, respect and responsibility. When students make choices that are against school rules and expectations, they will face consequences that can range from warnings to suspension. It is our goal to help children learn and grow rather than to punish, but students may face higher level consequences on a serious first offense.

When we receive a report or referral for students who have broken school or classroom rules, we gather reports from all individuals involved in the situation. Without diminishing the report from the complainant, we believe in gathering all information prior to attempting to come to a fair and reasonable conclusion. We assure that we will do our best to issue fair and consistent consequences to all students with the goal of helping them learn from and repair their mistakes. We will always attempt to maintain the confidentiality of all parties and we will will never discuss the consequences given to other students.

The jurisdiction for all school rules will be enforced while on school grounds; while coming to or going from school; during school hours whether on or off campus, while truant from school, and during or while coming to or going from a school-sponsored activity. (Education Code 48900 & 48915)

Some potential consequences or interventions for poor choices:

  • Warnings

  • Time out (in class or on playground)

  • Think Sheets

  • Individual or small group counseling/restorative circles

  • Behavior contract

  • Parent-Student Conferences

  • Loss of recess/free time (with parent permission)

  • Loss of participation in class or school events, including assemblies or field trips

  • Have the student call home and discuss the situation with the parent.

  • Create a plan to make amends to the other injured party

  • Class suspension (removal from class)

  • White slip - official parent discipline notice

  • Administrative conference/

  • Suspension from school

Actions which are considered major violations:

  • Ignoring the instructions of school personnel

  • Continued violations of school/classroom rules

  • Throwing rocks and/or other objects

  • Vulgar or profane language

  • Possession of dangerous or illegal items or replicas

Actions which are absolutely prohibited:

  • Assault (verbal or physical threat or action against other persons), fighting or aiding/abetting in assault or fighting

  • The use or possession of any alcohol, tobacco, or drug paraphernalia

  • Theft or Vandalism- possession of, deliberate destruction of, or damage to school property or the property of others

  • The use or possession of any item which could cause injury to self or others

  • Sexual/racial harassment of any kind

Retaliation against a complainant or any individual involved in the investigation of a disciplinary situation, either by the student who has allegedly engaging in behavior, the friends of the student who allegedly engaged in behavior, or any other individual, is strictly prohibited or is grounds for discipline.


If a student engages in any prohibited behavior, school personnel may send the student immediately to the principal or assistant principal. Parents will be contacted if students are sent to the administration office for serious offenses. Serious offenses can result in immediate suspension from school and/or contact with local authorities.


The law provides school officials with wide latitude to search students and their possessions in the ongoing effort to maintain a safe and secure campus. Some of this effort may involve the use of surveillance cameras in public areas of the campus that are considered to be high risk for improper activity. In addition, items left unsecured or unattended on school grounds may be confiscated and inspected by school officials.

When a school official has reasonable suspicion that a student may be in possession of contraband or dangerous objects, the student will be asked to empty all pockets, remove shoes and socks, and provide the official access to other personal items (backpacks, lockers) that may contain contraband or dangerous objects. It is hoped that all students will be cooperative, as school officials will make every attempt to be unobtrusive and respectful of privacy. Students should be aware that grounds for suspicion commonly include being out of bounds without permission or a report by another student, parent or staff member of possession of contraband or dangerous objects or unusual behavior. Students should also be aware that any contraband or dangerous objects found in their possession would be assumed to belong to them -- even if they didn't bring it to school, if they have it in their possession, they are responsible. If a student should discover contraband or dangerous objects on campus, he/she should go directly to an assistant principal or other staff member and turn it over without delay. School officials are not required to notify parents prior to conducting a search or questioning a student, however, parents will be notified that a search has taken place.


These items are inappropriate on campus as they are disruptive to the educational program or may cause injury to others. Students who bring inappropriate items to school may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, and/or confiscation of the item. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen non-school items. Parents may be required to retrieve the items.

  • Radios, cameras, video cameras, hand-held video games or electronic games.

  • Large amounts of money, gift cards or valuable items such as jewelry.

  • Items that can cause injury to others such as pocket knives, firecrackers, poppers, pepper spray, stink bombs, etc.

  • Open cups or glass containers.

  • Inappropriate or disruptive items such as eggs, shaving cream, silly string, squirt guns, slam books, toys, stuffed animals, balloons or other items that are in poor taste.

  • Lasers pointers