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Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Please help us reach our new SCHOOL WIDE reading goals. 

Every student needs to continue to read each night for at least 20 minutes at their appropriate independent reading level.  Our current focus is on reading comprehension and accuracy on quizzes taken.  The reading lounge is open before school and after school.  This is a great opportunity for all of our students to improve their reading! 

2nd Grade Teachers
Contact Eileen Ehlers  Eileen Ehlers (760) 631-3458 ex: 41114 Second Grade Teacher
Contact Laura Guyse  Laura Guyse (760) 631-3458 ex: 41111 Second Grade Teacher
Contact Heather Oneil  Heather Oneil (760) 631-3458 ex: 41115 Second Grade Teacher
Contact LeighAnn Price  LeighAnn Price (760) 631-3458 ex: 41113 Second Grade Teacher & Leadership Team

Internet Resources

Homework Handouts